Friday, April 18, 2008

One of the Perks of International Business

International Stamp CollectionStamps -- what a beautiful way to brighten up an otherwise bleak envelope. In a world of mass emails and automated postage machines I have come to appreciate the simple art and symbolism contained within such a sticky form of payment for government services. What started as a hobby has become a fascination of mine to collect the wide array of cancelled postage stamps we receive from business partners across the globe. I get lots of help creating this inconsequential, yet gratifying artistic archive and am thankful for the support of my fellow coworkers, especially Jenn, who distributes the mail for us everyday. Over the years I’ve watched as the collection has outgrown its miniature Altoids tin and now its jumbo sized one as well. I’m not sure where it will be contained in the future, but I know it will expand greatly with the introduction of new stamps, which inevitably follows a rate hike.
Don’t forget the next increase starts May 12th. Get your forever stamps now!