Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Featured Finish: Moon Dust

One of the most versatile finishes we’ve added to our catalog in recent months is Moon Dust. Depending on the glass cane color the reflection varies from the appearance of silver veined marble to flecks of gold. When the bead goes through the additional process of being matted it truly looks like the surface of the moon. Take a look at our entire selection of Moon Dust beads to see the intriguing transformation yourself.

Moon Dust on Bright, Opaque Czech Glass
Available in shiny and matte. Take a look at how each bead compares when enhanced with this such a pleasing finish.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FREE PATTERN: Create an Embellished Core Within a Large Hole Rondelle

Nichole Starman Free Pattern Ruffled Rondelle
Free Pattern: Ruffled Rondelle by Starman TrendSetter Nichole Starman

Learn how to created a beaded core within a Starman Color Trends large hole bead. This pattern, "Ruffled Rondelle" is a fun and easy beaded bead. It's a great starter pattern for adding embellishments within and around the oversized hole of a firepolished rondelle. Once you've mastered the stitch you can continue adding layers of embellishments around the edges of the bead. Ask your local bead store to carry the full Starman Color Trends collection of 3 perfect shapes in 16 select colors.

Download this pattern and more:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Starman Color Trends

Large beads have always been a sophisticated way to make a bold fashion statement. They can be strung quickly to whip up accent jewelry for any occasion. Used sparingly, they make great focal points or pendants. They can even be paired with delicate seed bead work. Use Starman Color Trends to space out beaded beads or add colorful texture and shimmery facets between segments of beaded ropes or spirals. The Starman Color Trends collection includes 3 perfect large shapes: the 14mm Melon, the 11/15 Wonky Oval, and the 9/14mm Large Hole Rondelle. Each shape is available in 16 fashion coordinated pearl and opalescent colors.