Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New StarPick Program

Over the past few years, Starman, Inc. has gathered an enormous inventory of Czech glass beads. Our walls are filled with beautiful, unique, beads that are simply taking up too much room as we expand to meet your needs as a customer.

Similar to a traditional “trunk show”, we are starting StarPicks which features a monthly box of Czech glass of our choosing. You have time to look it over, feel it, and see if it works with your stock and customer needs before you buy it. This program gives you the ability to have a “hands on” experience that you cannot get from online purchasing. The beads you will receive might be a discontinued bead, an old mold, or a unique cane color. They may even be up to 50 years old! Customers are looking for the unique, trendy, big, funky beads to make an impression with their designs and you can give them that with this program.

How does it work?

We make it simple by sending a postage paid box with a broad selection of items. There are approximately 25 items with different ranges in size, color and shape. We hope you love it all, but if you don’t you can return it and pay only the weight you keep. We will charge one low flat rate per kilo which means no itemizing, no confusion or extra work for you. You have 30 days to decide which quality Czech glass beads you and your customer cannot live without and then simply return the ones you do not choose. Beautiful beads, no hassle…you truly can’t go wrong with this program!

Call Lisa today to sign up, space is limited!! 1-888-683-2323 x-17