Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Free Pattern] Corner-to-Corner • CzechMates Tile Beads

We are excited to offer this FREE PATTERN of our 2012 Design Contest's 3rd Place winning design:

Corner-to-Corner, by EmLee Young

This pattern uses the new CzechMates Tile beads along with TOHO Seed beads (bugles and treasures) as well as Czech machine cut bi-cone crystals. This bracelet is really simple to create.
Please, feel free to utilize this pattern for your beadstore and personal use.

This is the pattern that is mentioned in the BeadWork magazine for the December 2012 issue. We would love to see your completed pieces. Please, post them to our facebook or email them to
Happy Beading!


sootfoot5 said...

that is a neat looking bracelet! I've never seen herringbone look so airy before - very cool!

Joelle Nicholson said...

Thank you for your kind words, EmLee Young did a great job. It is very nice to wear too, feels like a soft-feminine chain mail. It would be neat to stitch it into an over shirt. Did you have a chance to create yours yet?