Monday, March 31, 2008

New TOHO Pretties!

Here are some quick links to the new beads that just arrived. There are some really unique and fancy beads in this batch that I'm sure will impress even the most extensive bead collector. Absolutely Stunning!Get them while you can; some of these colors are marked for discontinuation by Toho and may not be produced in the future.

Note: Click on the picture to be directed to the specific item; click
on the color number to see all styles available in that color.

Toho Round 3/o

#993 : Gold-Lined Black Diamond
#992 : Gold-Lined Lt Montana Blue
#332 : Gold-Lustered Raspberry
#52 : Opaque Lavender
#990 :Gold-Lined Aqua
#721 : Galvanized Blue Gold
#267 : Inside-Color Crystal/Rose Gold Lined

11/o Hex
#1625F : Opaque-Frosted Espresso Bean
#1624F : Opaque-Frosted Pea Green Soup
#1612F : Opaque-Pastel-Frosted* Lt Turqouise
#952 : Inside-Color Rainbow Lt Topaz/Sea Foam Lined
#721 : Galvanized Blue Gold

11/o Round
#2031F: Silver-Lined Frosted Rainbow Rosaline
#2024F : Silver-Lined Frosted Rainbow Lime Green
#2012 : Ancient Turquoise

We also received more supply permanent finish Galvanized beads (tubed available as well).
Quick Announcement: Size 15/o Charlottes coming soon! Stay tuned for a list of colors coming on our next shipment.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Color Spotlight - Aquamarine

Here's a list of links to quickly browse our selection of March's birthstone color - Aquamarine!
Czech Aquamarine Birthstone

Czech Glass
6001: Aquamarine
6002: Aquamarine
6003: Dark Aquamarine
61000: Milky Aquamarine
Toho Seed Beads
3: Aquamarine
23: Silver-Lined Aquamarine
3B: Dark Aquamarine
3F: Transparent-Frosted Aquamarine
3BF: Transparent-Frosted Medium Aquamarine
23BF: Silver-Lined-Frosted Dark Aquamarine
163: Trans-Rainbow Aquamarine
163BF: Trans-Rainbow-Frosted Dark Aquamarine
143: Ceylon Aqua
954: Inside-Color Aqua/Lt Jonquil Lined
932: Inside-Color Aqua/Capri Lined
990: Gold-Lined Aqua

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TOHO Seed Beads - Tubed and Ready!

As a wholesaler, we are always trying to find new and dynamic packaging options for our customers. We know it's important now more than ever for bead stores to maintain efficiency.

Since launching our Toho product line in September 2006 we have had many requests for pre-tubed beads. Over the past few months we have gradually added tubed beads to our site as they become available. We now have over 1,000 different beads tubed and ready to order.

We asked many of our customers what type of tubing they preferred and have come up with the following tubing options:

Bronze 4mm TOHO cubes in a 5.5 inch tubeTOHO Beads sold in 5.5"x .5" tubes:
Prepackaged 5.5 inch by 0.5 inch round tubes of TOHO beads. Each tube will contain approximately 16.6 - 19.5 grams. Note: this is an approximated average measure that varies depending on bead style and color; no effort has been made to ensure the weight. Smaller sizes generally have a greater weight per vial.
Luster green TOHO seed beads in a 2.5 inch tube
TOHO Beads sold in 2.5"x .5" tubes:
Prepackaged 2.5 inch, 0.5 inch round tubes of TOHO beads, each tube will contain approximately 7 - 9 grams. Note: this is an approximated average measure that varies depending on bead style and color; no effort has been made to ensure the weight. Smaller sizes generally have a greater weight per vial.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

HurriCane Glass Defined

Czech Beads HurriCane Glass

What is HurriCane Glass?
HurriCane glass is characterized by its unique color combinations and swirl patterns. Mixing so many colors in such a way was previously unachievable by convential methods. Using HurriCane glass accentuates beads; giving them vintage styling and color infusions as intricate as lampworked glass. Please note that each batch of glass is unique, therefore our color selection will vary.

Latest additions to our catalog can be found here.

Czech HurriCane Glass

Look for our latest additions to the HurriCane glass product line including Table Cut, Loose, Matte, and Luster finishes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Black Light Sensitive Czech Glass

Color #: 61100 - Milky Peridot

Black Light Czech BeadsVisit the whole other world that lies beneath a black light. Fluorescent glassware and beads have been highly sought after collectibles for generations. Some of the most vivid glass canes give off bright green or muted yellow/orange hues depending on the minerals that are used during production. Colors such as jonquil and chrysolite are well known in the industry for their glowing properties; however, there are many other beautiful glass canes that may surprise you. We will be featuring these colors individually over the next few months. There are many names for UV sensitive glass including "Vaseline glass", "Uranium Glass", and "Custard Glass". Each has a slightly different definition. If you would like to know more about this phenomenon I recommend the websites listed below, or try searching Google for "Vaseline Glass".

Black Light Czech BeadsPlease note that only the pressed, fire polished and machine cut beads on our website are known to fluoresce. Some batches may glow more than others. If you are interested in purchasing these beads for their UV sensitive properties, please let us know so that we can double check them under the light for you.