Monday, March 31, 2008

New TOHO Pretties!

Here are some quick links to the new beads that just arrived. There are some really unique and fancy beads in this batch that I'm sure will impress even the most extensive bead collector. Absolutely Stunning!Get them while you can; some of these colors are marked for discontinuation by Toho and may not be produced in the future.

Note: Click on the picture to be directed to the specific item; click
on the color number to see all styles available in that color.

Toho Round 3/o

#993 : Gold-Lined Black Diamond
#992 : Gold-Lined Lt Montana Blue
#332 : Gold-Lustered Raspberry
#52 : Opaque Lavender
#990 :Gold-Lined Aqua
#721 : Galvanized Blue Gold
#267 : Inside-Color Crystal/Rose Gold Lined

11/o Hex
#1625F : Opaque-Frosted Espresso Bean
#1624F : Opaque-Frosted Pea Green Soup
#1612F : Opaque-Pastel-Frosted* Lt Turqouise
#952 : Inside-Color Rainbow Lt Topaz/Sea Foam Lined
#721 : Galvanized Blue Gold

11/o Round
#2031F: Silver-Lined Frosted Rainbow Rosaline
#2024F : Silver-Lined Frosted Rainbow Lime Green
#2012 : Ancient Turquoise

We also received more supply permanent finish Galvanized beads (tubed available as well).
Quick Announcement: Size 15/o Charlottes coming soon! Stay tuned for a list of colors coming on our next shipment.