Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Black Light Sensitive Czech Glass

Color #88126 Jonquil Tortoise
There are many beautiful shades of glass cane with the traditional Czech, wildly contrasting blackish brown swirls known as tortoise; but none of them are as brilliant and intriguing as Jonquil Tortoise. By itself, Jonquil (class cane number 8013) is a nice lemon yellow color thats intensity changes based on the shape and depth of the bead it is made into. Small beads, such as 3 and 4mm fire polish usually turn out to be a light cream color while 8-12 mm beads are a nice and sunny bright yellow. This glass is especially impressive when table cut since the beveled edges add depth and distortion to the pattern.Please note that only the pressed, fire polished and machine cut beads on our website are known to fluoresce. Some batches may glow more than others. If you are interested in purchasing these beads for their UV sensitive properties, please let us know so that we can double check them under the light for you.
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