Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Starman TrendSetters Casting Call 2017-2018

Who should apply? What are we looking for?

Starman is looking for experienced bead artists and designers from all over the world who love working with quality Czech pressed glass and Japanese seed beads. We are looking to expand our team to include artists of versatile techniques—including bead weaving, stringing, loomwork, wirework, or other styles.

Starman is seeking artists who are willing and able to promote the use of Starman manufactured and wholesale products, including the CzechMates® line of multi-hole beads and TOHO seed beads. Applicants may not be on design teams for any other glass bead wholesaler or manufacturer and must sign a confidentiality agreement upon acceptance to the team.

Why Should I Apply?

The Starman TrendSetters are an elite group of designers whose work is highly coveted by the industry. Membership benefits include:

  • Working with prototype beads before they are available in stores. 
  • Being the first to create new techniques for new beads. 
  • Samples of selected new products from Starman and TOHO beads. 
  • Class sponsorship credit towards a major bead event. 
  • Worldwide exposure and promotion of your design business. 
  • TrendSetter patterns are taught in bead stores all over the world, creating a high level of name recognition. 
  • TrendSetter jewelry is prominently featured in Starman international advertisement campaigns. 
  • Make connections with distributors of Starman beads who want to feature your products and classes in their stores. 

TrendSetter Duties

Each TrendSetter team member is required to submit innovative jewelry designs and stitch techniques that feature up-and-coming Starman bead shapes. The designs submitted will be featured in Starman product promotions including:

  • Print advertisements and marketing material distributed industry-wide.
  • Introductory 'Take and Make' patterns available online to beaders everywhere.
  • Intermediate 'Pattern of the Month' class and kit patterns distributed to authorized bead stores royalty-free.
  • Online advertisements and social media.
Breaking the confidentiality agreement or non-compliance of duties will result in the loss of TrendSetter title and benefits.

How to Apply

Applying is simple: just show us your work! You can send us anything you would like us to see, including an artist resume, list of publications, links to your website, blog, or other places there are images of your work. Email your submissions to TrendSetters@StarmanInc.com by Friday August 18th, 2017.

The following traits and skills are not required, but are preferred. Preference will be given to artists who have:
  • been published in books or magazines; 
  • a website, write a blog, or use other forms of social media; 
  • taught classes at a major bead event; 
  • written patterns for sale; 
  • experience with multi-hole beads. 
Team members are selected by a panel of judges at Starman. We strive to create a dynamic team of artists that represents the many popular beading styles from around the world. Not being selected should not be considered a critique of one’s work.

Applicants will receive a response in August 2017. Selected TrendSetters will hold their title from the time their completed confidentiality agreement is received through July 31, 2018.

Friday, July 7, 2017

New Items - July 7, 2017

379-85-33050 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Opaque Blue

379-85-5005 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Green

379-85-6002 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Aquamarine

379-85-6313 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Turquoise

379-85-64454 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Luster - Stone Green

379-85-7012 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Rosaline

379-85-79021 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Metallic Suede - Purple

379-85-79022 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Metallic Suede - Dk Purple

379-85-79031 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Metallic Suede - Blue

379-85-79032 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Metallic Suede - Dk Blue

379-85-79052 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Metallic Suede - Dk Forest

379-85-79080 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Metallic Suede - Gold

379-85-79082 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Metallic Suede - Dk Green

379-85-94100 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Copper Rose

379-85-94101 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Black Currant

379-85-94102 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Orchid Aqua

379-85-94103 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Olive Mauve

379-85-94104 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Aqua Teal

379-85-94105 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Indigo Orchid

379-85-94106 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Pink Olive

379-85-94107 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Gold Rush

379-85-94108 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Polychrome - Rose

379-85-AM6313 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Matte - Apollo - Turquoise

379-85-BT5342 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Opaque Olive - Bronze Picasso

379-85-BT6303 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Blue Turquoise - Bronze Picasso

379-85-BT6313 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Turquoise - Bronze Picasso

379-85-BT8312 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Opaque Yellow - Bronze Picasso

379-85-CL0003 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Crystal - Copper-Lined

379-85-E9008 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Siam Ruby - Vega

379-85-K0161 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Matte - Metallic Gold Iris

379-85-K0172 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Matte - Metallic Aztec Gold

379-85-K0174 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Matte - Metallic Antique Gold

379-85-K0175 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Matte - Metallic Antique Copper

379-85-K0189 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Matte - Metallic Lava

379-85-L9008 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Luster - Ruby

379-85-M65455 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Matte - Ultra Luster - Green

379-85-P15726 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Luster - Opaque Amethyst

379-85-PT6313 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Pink/Topaz Luster - Turquoise

379-85-SL0003 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Crystal - Silver-Lined

379-85-T3305 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Opaque Blue - Picasso

379-85-T6303 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Blue Turquoise - Picasso

379-85-T6313 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Opaque Turquoise - Picasso

379-85-W6002 GEMDUO 8x5mm : Twilight - Aquamarine