Monday, April 30, 2012

FREE Tessella Bracelet Pattern - WB

Do you enjoy patterns that require two hole tile beads, such as Miyuki Tilas? I recommend using what I consider the better tile bead.
My latest, royalty free tile bead pattern is now available for download!
With this fun, elegant pattern you will learn time saving techniques that help you work with CzechMate Tile beads in configurations never thought possible. I hope from this simple pattern you will be inspired to build upon your skills and integrate your own creativity into designing amazing, cutting edge works of art!

Also included in this booklet is a full color reference to the vast array of color choices currently available. Ask for them at your local bead store!

Friday, April 20, 2012

1000 Beads added to Inventory Closeouts. Last Day May 15th!

This year has proven to be a time of growth at Starman, Inc.  We have expanded both our lines of TOHO Seed Beads and our JBB Findings; in addition Starman introduced the top selling CzechMates™ tile bead and the popular DeCoRé Epoxy Clay.

 Amidst this growth we have decided to retire most of our traditional Handmade-Lampwork beads.  The final day we will be accepting orders for this category is May 15th.  Please visit the link below and make your final selections:

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elizabethan Petal Bracelet Variation

My favorite part of designing patterns that teach people how to use new beads is seeing the natural, creative progression that happens when talented people build upon an original concept.
Elizabethan Flowers on Herringbone 

Elizabethan Flowers on Herringbone (back)

Jewelry designer Kathy Simonds learned how to turn Czech rose petal beads into Elizabethan flowers through her local bead supplier. Her command of the beading craft and impeccable color blending skills are apparent in the advanced modifications she made to the bracelet pattern.

Individually these flowers can be used in all forms of jewelry.  What potential do you see?  If you'd like to learn how to make these flowers, please ask your local bead store to carry Rose Petals 14/13mm.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

CzechMate Tile Beads in Action

Herringbone with Tile Beads Center Embellishment By Marcia Balonis

CzechMates Tile Bead 6mm : Twilight - Jonquil 
CzechMates Tile Bead 6mm : Twilight - Jonquil (250-66-W8013)

Round 11/0 : Frosted Gold-Lined Crystal
Round 11/0 : Frosted Gold-Lined Crystal (TR-11-989F)

Round 11/0 : Gilded Marble Lavender
Round 11/0 : Gilded Marble Lavender (TR-11-1704)

This is my first attempt at making "Herringbone with Tila Beads" by Marcia Balonis. The pattern was originally designed for Tila beads, but I found that the CzechMates Tile beads integrated seamlessly into the design. I don't have much experience with the herringbone stitch so it took me a while to hit my stride.  A friend of mine told me that herringbone, although a simple and beautiful stitch, can be frustrating and difficult for certain types of people.  I didn't believe her until about forty-five minutes later when I hadn't made it past the fifth row. My mind couldn't allow me to move forward knowing the beads were sitting all wonky.  I now know that I must have faith that the stitch will work itself out.  Fortunately, I will have the opportunity to expand upon my skills with Marcia's new pattern for a double wide version of the bracelet that is now available for purchase on her website: