Thursday, June 25, 2015

Free Shipping on Domestic Pre-Orders of the MiniDuo

Starman Wholesale is now taking pre-orders for the 2x4mm MiniDuo™ from Matubo Beads™, manufacturer of the original SuperDuo. A selection of colors will begin shipping in the first half of July.

Pre-Order Online Now!

For more info email or call 1-888-683-BEAD [2323].

MiniDuo orders placed by 7/10/2015 and shipped inside the United States will have free shipping. Shipping dates vary. Please see website for more details. INTERNATIONAL: Shipping applies on international orders. Interested in ordering from our warehouse in the Czech Republic? Email 

Free MiniDuo Pattern Coming Soon!

Beaders everywhere are excited for the miniaturized version of the iconic SuperDuo shape. To help you launch the MiniDuo at your store, Starman will be releasing a brand new TrendSetter pattern featuring the MiniDuo. The new pattern will be available before the end of July.

Be sure to visit the TrendSetter pattern catalog for ideas to show your customers how the SuperDuo and MiniDuo work in tandem. For example, using MiniDuos and size 15/o seed beads instead of SuperDuos and size 11/o seed beads makes a dainty version of the popular Chaînon design by TrendSetter Eileen Barker.

New Items for the Week of June 26, 2015

106-64-T6313 Tear Drops 6/4mm : Opaque Turquoise - Picasso

2-53-73030 Pinch Beads 5/3mm : Carnation Pink

364-25-21310 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Milky Lavender

364-25-51010 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Milky Dark Peridot

364-25-61000 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Milky Aquamarine

364-25-61100 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Milky Peridot

364-25-71010 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Milky Pink

364-25-81210 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Milky Yellow

364-25-B15781 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Jet

364-25-B28003 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Jet Full Marea

364-25-B29443 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Jet Full Vitral Green

364-25-B29503 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Full Sliperit - Jet

364-25-L1006 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster Topaz

364-25-L1023 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Smoky Topaz

364-25-L21310 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Milky Lavender

364-25-L3006 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Sapphire

364-25-L5005 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Green

364-25-L51010 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Milky Dark Peridot

364-25-L6002 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Aquamarine

364-25-L61000 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Milky Aquamarine

364-25-L61100 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Milky Peridot

364-25-L7012 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Rosaline

364-25-L71010 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Milky Pink

364-25-L81210 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Milky Yellow

364-25-LK6313 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Tuquoise Green

364-25-M71010 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Matte Milky Pink

364-25-M81210 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Matte Milky Yellow

364-25-B26441 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Jet - Brass 1/2

364-25-B27133 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Jet Full Capri Gold

364-25-B29123 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Jet Full Apricot

364-25-L8002 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Jonquile

364-25-L9003 SuperDuo 2/5mm : Luster - Hyacinth