Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Color Spotlight - Copper & Purple

Well folks it's Fall. In Sequim this means shorter days, cooler weather and beautiful Fall colors.

So in the spirit of the changing seasons we're putting the spotlight on a truly modern classic color combination for fall.

( Click the picture above to see a few of our favorite copper & purple beads )

Copper in all of its warm orangy goodness invokes the color of the turning leaves so prevalent this time of year. I love how in the past few years, with the rise in price of gold and silver, this simple metal has made a come back in the bead world. And it deserves all of its new found attention. When at its brightest it glows hot like burning embers and when given a finish such as antiqued or matted the warmth of this color still shines through.

In contrast, purple, whether deep and rich like grapes ready for harvest or soft and ethereal as early morning storm clouds. This color is a perennial favorite,showing up in one shade or another on color forecaster's list for just about every season. And who can blame them it's just so versatile, add more blue to cool it down or give it a dash of red to warm it up, this is a color that can compliment or contrast beautifully with just about any color in the rainbow.

Given these two colors individual qualities it is no wonder they compliment and contrast with each other so well. Rich and warm, this color combination is perfect for fall.