Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rose Petal Beads

Two sizes, 8mm and 14mm

by Lisa Hunnicutt, Sales Manager

Springtime is not complete without Petals!  Created in two sizes, 8mm and 14mm, these  pressed Czech glass beads were designed to inspire jewelry pieces that look like they came from the flower garden.
There are many patterns that use these beads beautifully and show options for complementary rings, earrings, and necklaces as well.
Here are a few:
  • Nichole Starman’s "Petal Power" bracelet in February 2012 Bead and Button and “Elizabethan Petal Bracelet” in the 2012 Starman Product Guide
  • Penny Dixon’s “Yafa Petal Earrings” coming up in August 2013 Beadwork magazine
In addition to flowers, this versatile shape can create fringe, ruffles, and can add a special accent of depth and a feeling of texture to any piece.  With approximately 60 colors in each size and several patterns available for you to teach classes, this lovely little bead will be a great addition to your store.

Download this month's free pattern for bead stores:

Log into our Pattern Website to download the free pattern for the
Burgeoning Blossom Bracelet by TrendSetter Marcia Balonis.

NEW Innovations from TOHO

Toho has revolutionized the 11/o seed bead! The Takumi is an 11/o seed bead with a larger hole. It can be used in place of all regular 11/o beads in patterning but gives you more flexibility to your beading by allowing for more thread to pass through the bead.
Bring some shimmer to your jewelry with the Reflection series. These are available in size 8/o and are created with reflective materials lining the hole. Expand your 8/o color assortment with Reflection beads available in traditional as well as fluorescent colors. To pre-order, click the link in the side bar. Come by the Team TOHO booth at Bead & Button to see these new beads in person.

The Bead&Button Show is almost here:

We are proud to again be representing Team TOHO at Bead&Button this year. We have exciting events going on at the Team TOHO booth this year, from the TOHO Challenge Kits, to the new Takumi and Reflection beads along with designer demos featuring Jill Wiseman, Laura McCabe, Melissa Grakowski and more! We look forward to seeing you in Milwaukee.