Monday, November 15, 2010

Amiet Thread from TOHO

Back in June at the Bead & Button show we were fortunate enough to receive some samples of TOHO's latest addition to their line of threads: Amiet Thread. Now free stuff always makes us happy, but this stuff knocked our socks off! Nancy in Order Fulfillment used it for bead crochet with great success. Heather used it for some basic stringing, and loved the fact that she didn't need a needle. And I am using it to teach myself finger weaving. But what really piqued our curiosity was what our customers would do with this unbelievable thread.

Amiet is 100% Polyester. Thin enough to string beads as small as size 11/0 round but stiff enough to not require a needle and with 18 stunning colors to choose from the creative possibilities are endless.