Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Antique Copper Rhinestone Rondelles

Just added! Our popular collection of Czech rhinestone findings has just expanded to include antique copper finished rondelles. The state of the economy and it's effect on the cost of metals has inspired our industry to be creative with different materials. Copper, which has always been in the shadow of gold and silver, has now become the frontrunner of style. With its unique ability to enhance whichever color it is paired with, copper will continue to increase in popularity and finally receive the appreciation it deserves!
Now available in 4,6 and 7mm - More colors coming soon!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chunky Table Cut Diamonds 24/20mm

czech table cut beads
The latest addition to our table cut selection -- Huge chunky diamonds! These beads are gorgeous when bunched together within a bracelet or necklace, but also make a great impression as a simple focal. Available are 7 brilliant jewel tone colors, each with matted edges that help create the illusion of depth and light distortion. Since these diamond beads have a natural beveled wedge shape their facets are offset from each other; this creates even more light refraction and faceted surface area than regular table cut beads.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Toho Size 15/o Charlottes

10 Colors Now Available!
And there's more on the way! We've started our Charlotte collection with the most important colors you need to get creative. It's amazing how much bling these tiny facets can add to a project. Our first batch includes classic black and white, as well as the hard to find, yet ever-popular tuquoise and terra cotta. We also offer a wide variety of metallics, such as hematite, bronze, and multi-colored iris finishes. The perfect high class beads with coordinating colors to use as glitzy accents to any design!

T1-15-49: Opaque Jet

T1-15-41: Opaque White

T1-15-46L: Terra Cotta

T1-15-55: Turquoise

T1-15-81: Hematite

T1-15-83: Iris Brown

T1-15-84: Iris Green/Brown

T1-15-85: Iris Purple

T1-15-88: Cosmos

T1-15-221: Bronze

New Pressed Bead Category on!

czech glass square beads
Just added! Teeny tiny, itty bitty flat squares -- now available in 20 of our most popular and inventive colors. These dainty little beads are highly sought after in the market today. They have a well defined shape and crisp edges; impressive for a bead that small! Some colors even look like miniature ceramic tiles.
Watch as these shiny squares add sparkle and flash to your bead and jewelry collections.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

African Sunset

With its golden glow and blood red core, African Sunset (color #329) is one of our most popular seed bead colors. We've just received a shipment of new items that increases our selection in this color to nine shapes and sizes including rounds, hexes, bugles, triangles and treasures.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


We're all aware of the unbelievable increase in the cost of precious metals on the world market. Gold, silver, platinum, and copper are all going up in value with little hope of retuning to previous trade prices. This has had a profound effect on the style and cost of jewelry and its components. The style of chunky, weighty jewelry made mostly of silver spacers and charms has been replaced with lightweight chains and plated components. Copper's popularity in jewelry has increased dramatically over the past few months, not only because of it's color coordinating appeal, but because it's a relatively inexpensive alternative to gold and silver.

For those who like the metallic look without the inflated price, we recommend our wide variety of silver, gold, and copper finished beads. These quality finishes are available on many accent shapes such as rondells, firepolish, druks, pinch beads and drops. The core beads are usually made from crystal or alabaster glass that are coated with a durable galvanized finish. Compare our prices with the going cost of precious metals and I'm sure you won't be dissappointed!
Czech Metallic Finished Beads:
270 - 24K Gold Plated
27000 - Silver (Full Coat)
27001 - Silver (1/2 Coat)
275 - Copper Penny
14400 - Hematite
90215 - Bronze
14415 - Dark Bronze