Thursday, May 8, 2008

Toho Size 15/o Charlottes

10 Colors Now Available!
And there's more on the way! We've started our Charlotte collection with the most important colors you need to get creative. It's amazing how much bling these tiny facets can add to a project. Our first batch includes classic black and white, as well as the hard to find, yet ever-popular tuquoise and terra cotta. We also offer a wide variety of metallics, such as hematite, bronze, and multi-colored iris finishes. The perfect high class beads with coordinating colors to use as glitzy accents to any design!

T1-15-49: Opaque Jet

T1-15-41: Opaque White

T1-15-46L: Terra Cotta

T1-15-55: Turquoise

T1-15-81: Hematite

T1-15-83: Iris Brown

T1-15-84: Iris Green/Brown

T1-15-85: Iris Purple

T1-15-88: Cosmos

T1-15-221: Bronze