Thursday, May 1, 2008


We're all aware of the unbelievable increase in the cost of precious metals on the world market. Gold, silver, platinum, and copper are all going up in value with little hope of retuning to previous trade prices. This has had a profound effect on the style and cost of jewelry and its components. The style of chunky, weighty jewelry made mostly of silver spacers and charms has been replaced with lightweight chains and plated components. Copper's popularity in jewelry has increased dramatically over the past few months, not only because of it's color coordinating appeal, but because it's a relatively inexpensive alternative to gold and silver.

For those who like the metallic look without the inflated price, we recommend our wide variety of silver, gold, and copper finished beads. These quality finishes are available on many accent shapes such as rondells, firepolish, druks, pinch beads and drops. The core beads are usually made from crystal or alabaster glass that are coated with a durable galvanized finish. Compare our prices with the going cost of precious metals and I'm sure you won't be dissappointed!
Czech Metallic Finished Beads:
270 - 24K Gold Plated
27000 - Silver (Full Coat)
27001 - Silver (1/2 Coat)
275 - Copper Penny
14400 - Hematite
90215 - Bronze
14415 - Dark Bronze
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