Friday, January 30, 2009

3mm Magatama Collection


Yet another Toho category expanded this week! Stocked by customer demand -- We've had a limited color and size selection of magatamas on our website for a while and have had many requests for more color, especially 3mm. If you've been dragging you feet about carrying magatamas because of their limited availability, wait no more!

Magatamas are similar to drop, or fringe beads, but are more versatile. They have a large, off center hole and narrow top, which allows them to hang nicely and nest together next to each other.

View the entire selection here.

49 colors are now available -- here's a highlight of some of the new and notable colors. We've really beefed up our selection of pinks and purples! A wide variety of metallic and iris finishes are also available; perfect for matching and accenting other bead styles.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cube Bead Trifecta

34 new colors of 1.5mm cubes added this week! That brings the total up to almost 100 of the most popular colors for you to choose from! See the entire selection here! Have fun taking your established cube designs and miniaturizing them just by using a smaller size.
We've also expanded into more 3mm and 4mm colors, filling in color gaps and giving you more options across the board.
Check out the color matrix feature here to compare the color selection between sizes (login required).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tucson Show Schedule

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More Metallic Beads to Compliment Hybrids

TOHO SuperNova Hybrid Seed Beads Here's the latest metallic finish shade we've expanded on our website. We've experimented with this color in our SuperNova Hybrid collection and the first batch is going fast (color #Y601)! Now's the time to stock up for maximum variety.
We've also added some more fire polish to our catalog that compliments the SuperNova's. You can check them out here: