Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two-Hole Beads CzechMates Brick, Tile, Lentil, Dagger; SuperDuo, Rulla, Bars, Flowers and More!

Starman is proud to carry the largest selection of Two-Hole Beads. Our Exclusive Starman brand of CzechMates Two-Hole Beading System is defined by uniform placement of two equidistant-holes across the four defining shapes, Tile, Lentil, Brick and Dagger. This revolutionary uniform hole placement adds an element of versatility never seen before in beading.

More Two-Hole Beads

Starman is also excited to bring you other two-hole beads such as the SuperDuo, Rulla, Bars, Flowers, Dime and more. Click the links below to be directed to our online catalog and to link to our free classroom pattern site.

CzechMates Two-Hole Beading System 

Tile • Lentil • Brick • Dagger

More Two-Hole Beads:

 SuperDuo •  Rulla •  Bars  • SunflowersLeaves