Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Featured New Shape: CzechMates Lentil

CzechMates™ Lentil

Starman’s Newest Two-Hole Bead
by James Dickson, Sales Manager

In February of 2013, Starman unveiled the CzechMates Two-Hole Beading System™.  A defining characteristic of this innovative solution is the placement of two equidistant holes whose measurements are shared across each of the four distinct shapes:  6x6x3mm Tile, 6x3x3mm Brick, 16x5x3mm Dagger and the 6mm diameter Lentil.
A visionary designer and TrendSetter, Marcia Balonis, who has worked extensively with the CzechMates™ Lentil, conveys her passion for this new bead, “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 2-Hole CzechMates™ Lentil beads.  They are PERFECT for a neck cord.  NO twisting or flipping as you often get with other beaded cords.”  You can see and create one of Marcia’s necklace designs in the upcoming August issue of Bead & Button Magazine.

The versatile CzechMates™ Lentil complements many stitches including but not limited to Ladder Stitch, Peyote and Herringbone (Ndebele).  The off-center holes and gently tapered edges allow for many creative beading options.  By simply adding the CzechMates™ Lentil to a design, depth, texture, accenting splashes of color and greater dimension come into view.  With nearly 40 colors available, they are perfect for bracelets, earring dangles, layering, spirals, ruffles, scallops, fringe and making beaded beads – the only limit is imagination.

Click here to download the sales flier with all the new colors added since Tucson.