Monday, April 30, 2012

FREE Tessella Bracelet Pattern - WB

Do you enjoy patterns that require two hole tile beads, such as Miyuki Tilas? I recommend using what I consider the better tile bead.
My latest, royalty free tile bead pattern is now available for download!
With this fun, elegant pattern you will learn time saving techniques that help you work with CzechMate Tile beads in configurations never thought possible. I hope from this simple pattern you will be inspired to build upon your skills and integrate your own creativity into designing amazing, cutting edge works of art!

Also included in this booklet is a full color reference to the vast array of color choices currently available. Ask for them at your local bead store!


Florida Beaders said...

Awesome..thanks for sharing your free tile pattern.

Florida Beaders said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing your free tile bead pattern.

Joelle Nicholson said...

You are welcome! Did you have a chance to create yours yet? Please, send me a picture if you have! We would like to see it.