Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Glow in the Dark Czech Beads

Nightlights - Glow in the Dark Pressed Beads
Now Available in 50 Styles!
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Glow in the dark beads in dim light
Exclusive from Starman, Inc.
Retail Ready in hanks that consist of 6 strands, 6 inches long each. All of the styles are assortable when you buy a minimum combination of 5 hanks. You'll be able to offer your customers a wide variety at great prices!
These beads are unlike any other glow in the dark bead available in the market today. It's not a cheap flaky coating that makes these beads glow; they are made of quality Czech glass with a special glowing mineral added to the glass at the time of pressing. Glow in the dark beads in day lightThe glass takes on a natural dual-tone glow that brightens and intensifies even the most brilliant glass colors. We also offer lustered glow in the dark beads for a more elusive look. No one will suspect that they glow until after the sun goes down. The beads are also sensitive enough to give off an ominous glow even in the shade, or in dimly lit hallways.

You will notice that each glass color reacts with the glow in the dark substance slightly different. Some colors , such as 2021 and 3003 give off a bright blue-green swirl while colors like 1006 have a speckled, greenish glow.

Give your jewelry a new look after dark with our Wildly Bohemian Nightlight collection. They quickly charge under daylight, lamplight and also UV Light. Their Glow in the dark beads at nightglow lasts for hours and black light can give it an extra boost. Perfect for daily wear as well as the party scene!

Beads used for the bracelet:

227-1210-D88495 - Flattened Ovals 12/10mm : Glow in the Dark - Luster Transparent Topaz/Pink

TR-11-2031F - Round 11/0 : Silver-Lined Frosted Rainbow Rosaline

TR-11-999 - Round 11/0 : Gold-Lined Rainbow Black Diamond

TR-11-21 - Round 11/0 : Silver-Lined Crystal

TR-03-993 - Round 6/0 : Gold-Lined Black Diamond

34-44-91002 - M.C. Beads 4/4mm - Bicone : Luster - Pink Lemonade

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