Thursday, March 27, 2008

Color Spotlight - Aquamarine

Here's a list of links to quickly browse our selection of March's birthstone color - Aquamarine!
Czech Aquamarine Birthstone

Czech Glass
6001: Aquamarine
6002: Aquamarine
6003: Dark Aquamarine
61000: Milky Aquamarine
Toho Seed Beads
3: Aquamarine
23: Silver-Lined Aquamarine
3B: Dark Aquamarine
3F: Transparent-Frosted Aquamarine
3BF: Transparent-Frosted Medium Aquamarine
23BF: Silver-Lined-Frosted Dark Aquamarine
163: Trans-Rainbow Aquamarine
163BF: Trans-Rainbow-Frosted Dark Aquamarine
143: Ceylon Aqua
954: Inside-Color Aqua/Lt Jonquil Lined
932: Inside-Color Aqua/Capri Lined
990: Gold-Lined Aqua