Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FREE PATTERN: Create an Embellished Core Within a Large Hole Rondelle

Nichole Starman Free Pattern Ruffled Rondelle
Free Pattern: Ruffled Rondelle by Starman TrendSetter Nichole Starman

Learn how to created a beaded core within a Starman Color Trends large hole bead. This pattern, "Ruffled Rondelle" is a fun and easy beaded bead. It's a great starter pattern for adding embellishments within and around the oversized hole of a firepolished rondelle. Once you've mastered the stitch you can continue adding layers of embellishments around the edges of the bead. Ask your local bead store to carry the full Starman Color Trends collection of 3 perfect shapes in 16 select colors.

Download this pattern and more: http://patterns.beadindex.com