Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing The CzechMates Triangle

Announcing the CzechMates Triangle

CzechMates System BeadsThe Latest Revelation in 2-Hole Beading: The CzechMates Triangle

Nichole Starman, creator of the CzechMates system, has once again revolutionized beading! Today, Starman, Inc. is proud to announce the latest addition to the CzechMates system: the Triangle. The 6mm Triangle shares the same perfect hole spacing as the CzechMates Lentil, Brick, Dagger, and Tile. Pre-order now! Or, contact our Sales Team to become a launch partner.

Switch It Up With Interchangeable Shapes!

You've already seen that CzechMates Bricks and Tiles are frequently substituteable, such as in TrendSetter Eileen Barker's "Parisian Lace." The new CzechMates Triangle can be switched with the Lentil in other designs. Imagine your favorite Lentil patterns with the edgy look of the Triangle. Nichole Starman's "Breezeway Bangle" works well with Lentils, Triangles, or a mix of both! Enjoy the Breezeway Bangle pattern, as featured in Beadwork Magazine.
Breezeway Bangle with Triangles
Many colors of CzechMates Triangle

Colors Galore, Just In Time for Tucson

We are bringing in plenty of great colors for the CzechMates Triangle. Visit us in Tucson to see the full range of Triangles!
Gem Mall Tent 2: 2433 & 2435
February 1–14, 2014
4475 S. Country Club Rd, Tucson, AZ
Hours: 10am-6pm Daily; 10am-3pm Fri., 14th
DoubleTree Reid Park: B29 & B30 (Outside Living Room)
February 2–7, 2014
445 S. Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ
Hours: 10am-6pm Daily
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Maneki said...

The first thing I thought when hearing about this beads was a sarcastic "oh great, another bead I just have to get hold off..." (the reason behind it being my getting ill and having to spend most of my bead budget on doctors and meds, completely unnecessary things compared to beads! *lol* The vet also took a chunk, but there I agree my cats are more important than bead shopping.) Why do the bead makers have to tempt us with new, cool beads all the time?

Jokes aside, I think this new beads sounds very interesting. Like the layering shown in the illustration above. Being a seedbeader by heart (the pics make me think of having to try herringbone with those triangles), my brain does buzz with ideas of different ways to string and link these beads too. Much of what you see done with 2-hole beads today is made by seedbeaders, but they can be very striking components for "stringers" and other jewellery makers too (e.g. in chain maille).

Marcie Silverstein said...

i think it is very unfair that you do NOT sell to the public, many stores do not carry your supplys in many areas

N. Starman said...

Please ask your local bead store to carry the CzechMates two-hole beading system by Starman. If they are not willing to supply them for you I can refer you to a store in your area that does. I can also refer you to many online retailers as well.

Anonymous said...

You you please post the online retailers please as I do not have a local bead shop

Thanks so much

Amanda H said...

There are many online retailers who carry the CzechMates Triangle.

Aria Design Studio

Aura Crystals


Bead Street

Bello Modo

Beyond Beadery

Design & Adorn


Eureka Crystal Beads

Fiber And Beads

Fusion Beads

Knot Just Beads

Midwest Bead & Supply

Mountain Shadow Designs

Red Panda Beads

Rings & Things

Ruby Tuesday Bead Company