Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Lentil is one of the most dynamic shapes of the CzechMates two-hole system. It adds a unique texture to beadwork designs and has limitless 3D sculpting possibilities. The simple, symmetrical structure of the CzechMates Lentil makes it easy to stack, stagger, and create frameworks not traditionally found in beading. Nichole Starman, creator of the CzechMates system, was inspired by the world’s most sophisticated spatial structures known to man: gothic cathedrals. Her Breezeway Bangle is a reflection of this concept and the pattern is now available to bead stores for class and promotional use. Her latest design, Rondelle Revolution, featuring CzechMates Lentils and Bricks, will be included as a special promotion with the upcoming December issue of Bead&Button Magazine.