Monday, February 13, 2012

Construction Zone - Woman at Work

Creativity on the verge of insanity
I came across this picture I took before Christmas and thought other designers could relate to my madness. It's cleaned up now, but I do remember knowing exactly where every jump ring, needle and pressed bead was located (except for scissors, I could never find scissors!). My method was simple: restrict my bead selection to only the new items on the table. That way I could challenge myself and focus on innovation.  The finished products along with free patterns can be found in our Bead Store Idea Book, which was launched in Tucson earlier this year.


Jennifer Baker said...

OHH Nichole!! don't worry my bead table looks like that too, but throw in some fabric pieces and it will look exactly the same!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! My whole studio (ie 1/2 the basement) looks like that! But I do know where everything is. When I start to forget where stuff is, then it's time to organize!