Friday, June 20, 2008

Spearitural Journey by Stephanie Eddy

Coming soon to a magazine near you!
Czech 2-hole Dagger NecklaceWorld renowned jewelry designer Stephanie Eddy accepted our challenge of finding a new and unique pattern for our selection of two-hole daggers and her design has just recently been accepted as a featured pattern in a major bead magazine.

Spearitual Journey is an intricately detailed piece that takes full advantage of the two-hole layout of the dagger bead. She has masterfully incorporated Czech fire polish, pressed beads and crystal rose montees into a combination of multiple bead weaving techniques. Stephanie used Japanese seed beads for the base and added elegant embellishments to finish the piece.

Kits are available in multiple color coordinated versions available on her website:

Two-hole dagger beads are relatively new to the bead world and therefore need ambitious jewelry artists to experiment with them. 30 wild colors available! Dagger beads are one of the most popular and universal Czech pressed bead styles. Just think of the whole new level of design possibilities waiting to be discovered. Send us photos of your designs and we'll proudly feature you on our blog!

Spearitual Journey by Stephanie Eddy

I'll give you an update when this necklace gets a publication date.


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