Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Black Light Sensitive Czech Glass

Color #black light sensitive glass56218 - Mint Julep
When I was going through our warehouse with a portable black light I was extremely suprised to find this color glow. Mint julep is one of my favorite black light sensitive glass beads because of its pleasing color and subtle beauty.
We carry multiple shapes and sizes of beads made with this glass cane, which you can view here. It can be difficult to keep beads of this glass cane in stock since it is so specialized so we try to change up our stock selection light glass
The most impressive shape and color combination that i've seen come through our doors is the mint Julep glass cane in the Pressed Cube shape -- 24/26mm! That's one of the biggest beads we've ever carried. You can see from the pictures that they are big and chunky, each with their own color swirl patterns. These beads have a large surface area and are quite heavy, which tends to create small friction marks along the edges of the beads. The roughness gives the beads a slightly textured surface and an authentic vintage look. A very fun bead!

black light beads Mint Julep in the daylight
black light beadsSame bead under black light
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