Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Starman Beads in Print August 2015

Making Jewellery Magazine - Summer 2015- Issue 82
Bead & Jewellery Magazine - Aug/Sept 2015 - Issue 64
Creative Beading Magazine - Vol. 12 - No. 2
  • Silver Tulips Necklace (Page 38) By Wishware Beads
  • Flower Head Band (Page 40) By Cheeky Jewellery
  • Lollipops Jewelry set (Page 52) By Three M's Fashion Jewellery
Bead Style Magazine - Sept 2015 - Vol. 13 - Issue 5
Making Jewellery Magazine - Aug 2015 - Issue 83


Cathy Lampole said...

Hello there, just to bring to your attention that the product you are linking to in the project quoted above is NOT the product that was used by the designer in this project. I doubt if the product you are suggesting will work in this project. thanks!

Bead Style Magazine - Sept 2015 - Vol. 13 - Issue 5

•Captured Crystals Bracelet (Cover/Page 22) By Alison Jayne Layton
•6mm Round Crystals
•4mm Bicone Crystals

Amanda H said...

Thank you for your comment, Cathy. 6mm Round Crystals and 4mm Bicone Crystals are what is listed in the project instructions. We have provided the links to our selection of both shapes.