Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Count Down to Tucson 2012

Three days until the Gem Mall opens in Tucson, AZ.
There are countless new colors, shapes and finishes making their debut at both our Gem Mall and Double Tree booths, but no bead can convey the elegance and magnitude of these artful combinations as well as the druk.

4mm Ultra Luster Mix

8mm Blue Turquoise

8mm Green Turquoise

8mm Luster and Stone Earthtones

10mm Milky Turquoise with Mood Dust
 More colors and sizes will be available at our booth.

GL&W Gem Show Gem Mall
Booth Numbers 2125/2228
January 28th - February 10
To Bead True Blue
(Double Tree Living room)
January 29th - February 3rd