Monday, March 7, 2011

TOHO 3/0 Rounds

I wanted to take a moment to shine a little light on the TOHO 3/0 Round category. Over the last few months we've been quietly adding to the category and now have close to 40 colors and counting.

The TOHO 3/0 Rounds measures about 5.5mm in diameter and you get about 5-6 beads per gram. Because they are a TOHO product they have the same consistency in size and shape that you have come to expect.

I've always found this size perfect for teaching beginners and kids how to use seed beads. The holes are big enough to see, and the size makes them manageable for small hands and people who are new to seed beads. But don't think that's all they are good for, I use them in both bead embroidery and stringing projects. Their jumbo size makes the different colors and finishes look stunning.

So if large seed beads are what your looking for, You'll want to give TOHO 3/0 Round a try.
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