Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Coatings at Czechbeads

We've been adding all sorts of surprises to the website lately. Here's a look at one of our newest colors -- Misty Rose. You can never have enough shades of pink beads to choose from and this coating is a nice, subtle color that's similar to French Rose. Czech coated/dyed beads have gained in popularity over the years because of their improved quality and color variety. They are not known to fade or flake under regular use. Colors are more consistent between batches compared to colored glass cane because there is more control during the manufacturing process. The shade does, however change slightly across the different shapes and sizes depending on the depth and distortion of the bead itself.
View our current selection of Misty Rose here: http://www.czechbeads.com/Catalog/Products.aspx?s=k3715