Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Category - 1.5mm Cubes

These itty-bitty cubes are amazingly detailed with well defined corners and smooth edges. Approximately 60 colors are now available, with an additional 40 colors to be added within the next few weeks. We've put a lot of research into our color selection to ensure that you have the best variety of today's most popular colors and finishes to choose from. Notice how TOHO has managed to maximize the inner thread space of the bead with their signature diamond shaped hole -- even on such a tiny bead! perfect for interlocking stitches as well as intricate geometric patterns. Have fun and experiment with this new size; try taking some of your favorite cube patterns and shrink them down!

See the current new items here: http://www.czechbeads.com/Catalog/Products.aspx?s=new

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