Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Special Glass Cane, Special Shapes!

Coming Soon! Here's a sneak peak of some of the fancy colors about to appear on!
We're adding 15 new beads in an assortment of unique and vintage shapes. The beads are made of glass cane that is no longer manufactured by the Czech glass factory.

Keep an eye out for these new items. You won't want to miss them! Supplies are extremely limited and cannot be reproduced!

Check our new items page to see what's been recently added:

Each batch of glass varies slightly from the next, and some colors look completely different in cane form than when they are reheated and pressed into beads. The glass factory presses a small amout of each batch as a sample for customers to use for color matching. You can see on the above sample how the striped pattern changes depending on how the bead is pressed. We never know how a bead batch will turn out until it arrives on our doorstep! The real fun is trying to find the right shape to compliment the natural color swirls of the glass.