Friday, September 12, 2008

Melon Season

It's been quite the busy week here at the warehouse. We not only received our eagerly anticipated ocean container on wednesday, a week earlier than scheduled, but our oft delayed air shipment showed up a few hours later. This means we'll be spending the next week digging through towers of boxes and piles of shrink wrap -- just like Christmas! We've already been able to mark dozens of items back in stock, but there's plenty more to come over the next few days. Also included in these shipments are dozens of new items in all sorts of shape, color and finish combinations.
Here are pictures of some of the new melons we were able to organize and upload to the website. There are many of our regular 8mm melon colors back in stock as well. Check them all out here!

Melon Bead

287-08-Z5080: Chrysolite Celsian
Melon Bead


287-08-77553: Coral Pink/Green
Melon Bead

287-08-12000: Milky Caramel
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