Friday, August 8, 2008

Toho's Colorful Gold Lined Rainbow Series

Click on pictures to view large, high resolution versions.
990 - Gold-Lined Aqua
991 - Gold-Lined Peridot
992 - Gold-Lined Lt Montana Blue
993 - Gold-Lined Black Diamond
994 - Gold-Lined Rainbow Crystal
995 - Gold-Lined Rainbow Aqua
996 - Gold-Lined Rainbow Peridot
997 - Gold-Lined Rainbow Lt Sapphire
998 - Gold-Lined Rainbow Lt Jonquil
999- Gold-Lined Rainbow Black Diamond
These beads are some of my favorites to work with. This series (color numbers 990 thru 999) includes both the super shiny luster finish as well as the soap bubbly rainbow iris. The gold colored lining contrasts with the brilliant glass color and finish to create beads with a wide color spectrum, which makes the beads easy to include in just about any design. View our entire color selection here!