Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lavender Inspiration


It's that time again! Every year in mid July our sleepy little country town hosts the now famous Sequim Lavender Festival. There are many colorful and fragrant plants that thrive here in the Olympic rain shadow, but none are as celebrated as lavender. On your way into town you will pass many brilliant fields of mesmerizing purple and green. Many more farms are tucked away into the hillsides, waiting to be discovered. LavenderLavender In town you can sample a wide variety of lavender products including soaps, perfumes, seasonings and even ice cream! The city side walks as well as residential and commercial properties are lined with these thick, bushy plants, which fill the air with their unmistakable and fragrant aroma. Hundreds of varieties are on display and in full bloom now, ready for picking!

We receive much of our inspiration for our color selection and even our color names from the scenic countryside that's viewable from outside our warehouse windows. Be sure to come visit us when you're in the area!

Milo the Mascot Here's our warehouse mascot, Milo, enjoying the beautiful summer sunset. He's a four year old Golden Retriever and comes to work with us everyday. His responsibilities include mail delivery, security, and UPS pickup monitoring.