Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Color Spotlight - Amethyst

It's a little late in the month, but I thought i'd take the opportunity to spotlight February's birthstone color -- Amethyst.

Our catalog has over 10,000 active items listed over 15 categories. It can be quite the task to search through the items one by one. Searching by color number is one of the many helpful hints we will be covering on a regular basis.

Common amethyst czech glass cane and Toho seed bead numbers:
Czech Glass
2002: Light Amethyst
2003: Medium Amethyst
2004: Amethyst
2006: Dark Amethyst
15726: Luster Amethyst
23020: Opaque Amethyst
23030: Opaque Dark Amethyst
21000: Milky Amethyst

Toho Seed Beads
6: Transparent Light Amethyst/6F Matte
6B: Transparent Medium Amethyst/6BF - Matte
6C: Transparent Amethyst/6CF - Matte
166: Trans-Rainbow Lt. Amethyst/166F - Matte
166B: Trans-Rainbow Med Amethyst/166BF - Matte
166C: Trans Rainbow Amethyst/166CF - Matte
26: Silver-Lined Frosted Light Amethyst/26F - Matte
26B: Silver-Lined Medium Amethyst/26BF - Matte
110B: Trans-Lustered Med Amethyst
502 : Higher-Metallic Amethyst
503: Higher-Metallic Dark Amethyst
201: Gold-Lustered Amethyst

To get more results you can simply type in "Amethyst", but it may take you a while to load depending on your internet connection.